6 Steps for Effective Hair Oil Massage

6 Must-Know Steps for Effective Hair Oil Massage

Hair oil massage is a popular beauty treatment that many women use to strengthen their hair and enhance growth. It involves using specific oils on the scalp and hair to address various problems, such as dryness, dandruff, and other related issues.

However, not everyone knows how to perform this simple yet effective regimen as there are some essential steps involved in it.

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And for the young people you can follow the following steps;


1. Do massage along the scalp's direction

Doing hair oil massage in the reverse direction of your hair growth can lead to pain and breakage. The old saying goes, 'to get maximum benefit, and you must follow nature's course.

So it is wise to do your hair oil massage in the same direction that your hairs grow - from roots towards tips.

It will help increase blood circulation to prevent hair loss and promote healthy new hair growth.

  • Use a gentle circular motion with fingertips only
  • Keep away from pulling or tugging, resulting in coarse, brittle hairs instead of rejuvenated, shiny, and lustrous hairs
  • Use your fingernails when necessary but be careful not to keep them too long.


2. Warm the oil in your palms, don't heat it

The best way to warm the oil is by taking a small quantity (about 5 ml) of oil between your palms and rubbing gently for 10 seconds.

You can also use a microwave oven to warm the oil for only a few seconds

  • We must not overheat the oils because heating can lead oils and fats to become rancid and toxic
  • Heating degrades most essential oils' quality, which destroys the therapeutic properties required for effective hair growth
  • It will also make them harmful instead of beneficial when applied to the skin and scalp
  • Not just this; it can also turn some fatty acids into trans-fats which can increase LDL cholesterol and lower HDL cholesterol, leading to heart diseases


3. Do massage for at least 15 minutes

Hair oil massage is time-consuming, but we must not consider it a burden.

We need to give our hair the time they deserve to get their benefits which you won't find by applying oils and going off with your day.

For effective hair oil massage, at least 15 minutes is required, especially if you have long, thick and coarse hairs

  • Since this massaging needs lot of physical effort too, make sure to do it daily or alternate days for best results
  • But don't worry; there are still other ways to use a few oils without doing all that massaging. You will find those solutions as you keep reading.


4. Get the best of massage from your fingertips

Since it takes 15 minutes to do an effective hair oil massage, don't try using round-top backcombing brushes or other similar tools because they won't work.

  • Using a brush requires a lot of effort on your fingers and hands, which may result in pain and cramps if done excessively
  • If you must use a comb for this task, make sure to use a wide-toothed one with soft & gentle bristles that match the scalp's sensitivity level
  • Also, choose the right kind that suits your hair type; otherwise, you'll do more damage than benefits.


5. Do oil massage immediately after showering

Don't let your hair dry before applying oils after shampooing, conditioning, and deep conditioning

  • After getting out of the shower, we must do the oil massage because wet hairs are pliable and can easily be entangled
  • Also, pores and hair follicles will be wide open to absorb the goodness of essential oils during this time
  • Applying oils when hairs aren't wet means you'll miss out on these benefits. And if used while your hairs are still wet; it won't provide much penetration to go deeper since they're moist already
  • Besides this, make sure to use room temperature water hair wash because hot or cold water can lead the cuticles to be closed. It will restrict the hair follicles and don't let the oil penetrate deep.


6. Use carrier oils as the base

  • A carrier oil helps carry other essential oils onto your scalp and hairs
  • Carrier oils make it possible to effectively penetrate other essential oils by removing dirt, excess oil, and product build-up from the scalp and strands.
  • Coconut oil is one of the best options as a carrier because it penetrates well into skin and hair
  • It has antimicrobial properties to fight dandruff and prevent infections that cause itchiness.
  • It has a medium molecular weight that allows easy absorption into skin cell membranes.
  • Before applying the mix onto your scalp, you should mix 2-3 drops of essential oil with 1-2 teaspoons of carrier oil.

All these six steps are essential for effective hair growth using oils. Applying them is not that tough, but it requires some effort and patience to see the benefits.

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