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HairTru Vitamins

3 Month Supply - HairTru™ Vitamins For Hair Growth

3 Month Supply - HairTru™ Vitamins For Hair Growth

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“Not exaggerating when I say this is the absolute best product I have ever used.”
—Katelynn A.

Most Popular Biotin Pills For Hair Growth. Save $10 when you order the three-month supply

HairTru™ hair growth vitamin feeds your hair with the nutrients it needs to be healthier, look fuller and become stronger. It’s super-charged with biotin, multivitamins, minerals, amino acids, and a host of other ingredients that will restore your natural hair beauty.

Our vitamins for hair growth are great to…

  • ✔ Feed your hair follicle the nutrients it needs and increase the average hair growth rate
  • ✔ Stop hair breakage and get thicker hair that looks fuller and healthier
  • ✔ Increase hair strength and treat thinning hair
  • ✔ Improve elasticity of hair. Elastic hair strands can handle more pressure and be stronger
  • ✔ Add volume to hair and nourish hair from within
  • ✔ Grow longer healthier hair strands

We believe in our product and we offer a money-back guarantee program for new users. If you take 2 pills 💊 of HairTru™ hair vitamins every day for 90 consecutive days and you are still not happy about the results, notify us and we'll refund your money. Learn More.

How to use HairTru™?

Depending on your order, you'll receive one or more bottles of our hair growth pills.

Every bottle has 60 hair growth pills and hair volume pills. Enough for one month of hair vitamin supply to begin your hair growth journey.

Take 2 pills every day to maximize your results.

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Money Back Guarantee

Yes. To qualify, please follow the instructions below.

1️⃣ Order our vitamins for hair growth for 3 months.

2️⃣ Send us a picture of your hair before you start taking our vitamin pills for hair.

3️⃣ Take 2 capsules 💊 daily for 90 consecutive days.

4️⃣ Send us a picture of your hair and progress every month.

After 3 months, if you still not happy about the progress you have, we will refund your money. Learn More

Shipping Policy

All packages are sent through the United States Postal Service Priority Mail.

➡️ U.S orders are delivered within 2-4 business days.

➡️ International orders are delivered within 5-15 business days and may vary based on the country.

➡️ Due to COVID-19 some international orders may be delayed.

Product Ingredients

HairTru™ Includes Biotin, Folic Acid, Silica, Calcium, Vitamins B5 and B6 and many more natural nutrients.

➡️ Check our full ingredient list here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Keith Strickland

I've been taking HairTru for a while now, and I have to say that I am impressed. I feel like it's made my hair stronger, as well as more healthy. It also seems to have grown faster! HairTru is really a hair vitamin, not just any old vitamin with some marketing behind it!

We love having you as a part of the HairTru family Keith!

DRee Krohn

HairTru is the best hair vitamins out there. If you are looking for a product to grow your hair long and strong, this is it! HairTru contains all the essential ingredients and offers a 30-day money back guarantee. I love that they have a ton of different flavors to choose from so you don't get bored with the taste. Just give it some time and you'll see your hair start to grow faster than ever

We can't wait to hear more about your experience, DRee!

Milagros De la rosa

I use HairTru and I'm happy to report that my hair is growing in thicker and stronger than ever before. Maybe I was just born with this hair and I never realized it until now!

Milagros, we're glade that you're achieving your hair growth goals with our hair growth vitamins.

Shayla Hillis

I can't live without HairTru! I saw a major boost in hair growth and it feels amazing. I love that this is the only supplement I need, it's amazing. It's like magic for my hair.

Oh, we love your feedback, Shayla

Neely Marshall

A friend recommended these hair vitamins to me and I have seen serious improvements. My hair is stronger, softer, and longer than it's ever been which is something I've always struggled with. I would recommend Hairtru to anyone who wants a healthier scalp!

Thank you for your feedback! We love having you as a part of the HairTru family, Neely!